4th of July fashionEveryone needs a little inspiration whether it be on fashion, career, love, family or health – which is what Homegrown Houston is all about. Think of this as your 24/7 style source where I share my amour for fashion and a myriad of other things this crazy little life throws at you.

I have a classic, sophisticated yet down-to-earth style and I want to bring daily fashion inspirations to you. I’m also a health and nutrition consultant with simple tips on how to eat better on a daily basis. I am a volunteer mentor and coach for the National Psoriasis Foundation, living with psoriasis for over 12 years, providing guidance to those newly diagnosed. I have been with my husband for six years and married for three of those, so I feel like I know what’s important in a marriage and how to make it stronger everyday.

Feel free to peruse From Swimsuits and Beaches to Scarves and Boots and catch up on our amazing two years on Maui and whirlwind year 1/2 in Seattle. For quick food tips and fitness exercises, please visit HealthyFoodHealthyYou.

I am always open to suggestions on what my next post should be, who to feature, how much you like (or don’t like) my website and everything in between.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!