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Blush Colored Tunic & Pink Clutch

H&M blush colored tunic_CC Necklace and clutch

I recently have been obsessing over tunics. I just bought two more from H&M to add to my collection. Now that I’m pregnant–17 weeks to be exact–tunics are the most comfortable while still staying stylish. I’m not to the point of maternity clothes yet. I’m hoping to stay in tunics for a little while longer.

Here I paired this dusty rose colored tunic (on sale NOW at H&M here) with my favorite black skinnies, casual black wedges, several layered necklaces and this beautiful pink and gold statement clutch. Since the tunic is simply designed, adding a few necklaces or event a statement necklace is the best way to go. I also plan on wearing this with some boyfriend shorts or any pattern shorts similar here or here — perfect for running errands this week or grabbing brunch with your friends.

H&M blush colored tunic_CC Necklace and clutch


H&M Blush Colored Tunic_The Limited Black Skinnies

H&M blush colored tunic_Charming Charlie accessories_Michael Shannon Wedges

Charming Charlie Accessories

H&M Blush Colored Tunic_The Limited Black Skinnies_Charming Charlie accessories_Michael Shannon wedges

Tunics are always great for people with psoriasis. It doesn’t stick to your body or any flare up areas you may have. It lets your skin breathe, which is exactly what people with psoriasis needs. Also, don’t be afraid of accessories. They can make you feel so much better.

Do you have a go-to top or jeans you can’t live without right now? Let me know below!

Top + Necklace + Bracelet + Clutch  (similar) + Jeans + Wedges



3 Responses to “Blush Colored Tunic & Pink Clutch”

  1. Joni

    Sabrina! Congratulations to you and your husband. You look amazing, hope you’re feeling well! Babies are the best 🙂

    • SabrinaDSkiles

      Thanks Joni! I’ve been feeling great at 23 weeks! Crossing my fingers it lasts 🙂 I need to talk to you about your psoriasis during your pregnancy. Will be in touch soon!


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